Welcome to My Lady Lorna

Here are a collection of links we've gathered off the best crop of the internet. Unfortunately, there are few other sites that center around Lorna Doone - but that makes us special! Keep in mind Charity does not monitor the content of most of the sites below. Always surf at your own risk.



Lorna Doone E-Group -

Monitored and directed by yours truly, we've discussed everything from Carver's braids to the rooks' nest in the top branches. All ages welcome and admitted. Recently we've started several rollplays as well, so please feel free to drop in. You must be a member of Yahoo! Groups to join. 


Internet Movie Database Listing -

The entire cast and crew, with links to the individual pages that give you lists of films that the actor/actress has taken part in. An excellent resource with only one flaw - it's difficult to get your comments posted. 


Aidan Gillen Fan Site -

The Unofficial Home of everyone's favorite - or least favorite! - Doone, Carver! Lots of pictures from his Queer as Folk days. As QAF is an adult program, cautionary viewing is advised.


The Unofficial Richard Coyle -

The only RC site that the web has to offer is loaded with pictures and info about our wonderful hero John Ridd and the man who so excellently portrays him. Zoe is working on her galleries and will soon have an extensive collection.


Appreciating Amelia Warner -

This is a sleek, in-depth website dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress who portrays our favorite heroine.


Jesse Spencer Official Site -

Interested in finding out what else the "bratty Baron's son" has played in? Here's the official pages of this talented young actor. A bit difficult to surf, and it doesn't have enough pictures to suit me, but it's standard fair.


Anton Lesser Fan Site -

"Counselor Doone" might look familiar - this talented actor has played in many films. You'll find tons of pictures and information about Anton here at this excellent site.



Other Movie Sites:


Hartfield -

My site devoted to the 1996 Miramax masterpiece, "Emma," starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. You know what to expect from one of my film sites - tons of pictures, mountains of information, and lots of fun. Currently under construction, but still well-informed.


Love Me Always -

Another of my film pages, this time devoted to the smash comedy "An Ideal Husband," starring Rupert Everett, Cate Blanchett, Jeremy Northam, Minnie Driver, and Julianne Moore. Huge collection of galleries and promo pics, as well as sound clips, quotes, information, links, and more.


Zorro's Mask -

This expansive site covers completely the blockbuster smash The Mask of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, and the lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones. Galleries, sound clips, movie information, updates on the sequel, and much more.


Charity's Place -

My official homepage with links to all my movie sites; movie reviews, stories, articles, book updates, writing games, wallpapers, theology, and personal information. If you love writing, reading, or just media in general, this is the spot for you.


Eras of Elegance -

A steadily growing and extensive resource for lovers of past eras. With complete histories on each time period up to the Edwardian setting, it also has an enormous collection of information on period-set films with background interviews, pictures, links, related items, shopping offers, and much, much more.