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"Do you know how far this girl is above you?" ~ Sir Ensor Doone (Peter Vaughan)


A man of a passionate heart, Ensor quarreled with his wealthy cousin, Lord Lorin, over their Scottish inheritance, and Lorin, being the more powerful of the two, ejected him and his fellow namesakes from the land. Ever since, Ensor has desired to bring his clan back into lands and prosperity.

Aided in his decisions by the cunning and devious Counselor, his oldest living son, he is attempting to bend Carver's iron will into the leadership of which he so desires. Lorna is his favorite, and the much-petted and respected granddaughter is off-limits to the Doones until she is of age. But Ensor is haunted by the past, by secrets and ill deeds unknown to his beloved Lorna.

Carver's relentless and often thoughtless leadership of the Doones has caused Ensor no end of troubles, and when Lorna herself defies him, the old man fears that his plans are crumbling around his feet...

Character Traits

Obviously a violent and unforgiving man (as seen by later revelations into his past), Sir Ensor's one weakness is his granddaughter, Lorna, who has managed to squeeze her way into his black heart. Ensor is a puzzle with many pieces; often angry and sharp, he seems to crumble at times under Carver's defiance, and Lorna's gentle brown eyes. He is known for his brutal reign of the Doones, and yet can be easily abashed by a woman's harsh words. 

Memorable Moments:

When faced with Lorna's defiance that she will marry John Ridd despite his harsh condemnation otherwise, Ensor seems to crumble and, to John Ridd, appears to babble nonsense that is made strikingly and devastatingly true with later revelations. "You see," he says as he places a hand upon his granddaughter's head, "how love can make a man weak!" and in that instant portrays the one example of possible kindness and love that makes up the final twist in his character. 

Memorable Quotes:

"Do you know how far this girl is above you?" 

"You think a stinking patch of mud in the middle of nowhere is a fitting home for the noble Doones?"

"My granddaughter has told me of your nonsense," comes the ringing voice. "You must forget it. There can never be a match between you."

"My blessing means nothing anymore. You brought your fate on your own heads. Fools you are. And fools you must stay."