My Lady Lorna

Cast & Crew:

Lorna Doone was cast with some of Britain's most talented entertainers. We have enclosed a complete cast list below, including the credits for the directors, writers, etc. I've done special spotlights on Amelia Warner, Richard Coyle, and Aidan Gillen as well, as they are the film's very foundation. The film credits  were gathered from the Internet Movie Database. The name links will take you to either an official or fan page; character links will take you to their character description and summary here at My Lady Lorna.

Richard Coyle

This talented young actor has captivated people with his role of John Ridd against Amelia Warner's Lorna Doone. Playing a complex character who is driven for revenge, but then transformed over time, his role is passionate and yet holds back, a difficult part to play...

Amelia Warner

Dark-eyed, beautiful Amelia Warner plays the spirited and yet compassionate title character in A&E's Lorna Doone, a young woman who has a hidden past, and a brutal life in the wicked realm of Sir Ensor Doone, a notorious leader of the clan of outcasts. Her future is certain - she is to marry her treacherous cousin, Carver (Aidan Gillen), and she does not question it... until the mysterious and dashing John Ridd comes into her life...

Aidan Gillen

Blue-eyed, dark-haired Aidan Gillen was made known throughout England for his part in Queer as Folk, but it wasn't until he portrayed the deeply twisted and yet almost likeable Carver Doone that he became known in the United States. Carver is a complex character, and Aidan plays him with a sensuous intensity.

Complete Cast & Crew:

Lorna Doone (2001) (TV)

Director: Mike Barker

Written by: R.D. Blackmore

Adapted by: Adrian Hodges

Producers: Delia Fine, Alison Gee, Deirde Keir, Gareth Neame, Jane Tranter


Amelia Warner... Lorna Doone

Richard Coyle... John Ridd

Aidan Gillen... Carver Doone

Martin Clunes... Jeremy Stickles 

Anthony Calf... Tom Faggus

Barbara Flynn... Sarah Ridd

Martin Jarvis... Baron de Whichehalse

Michael Kitchen... Judge Jeffreys

Anton Lesser... Counsellor Doone

Jack Shepard... Reuben Huckaback

Jesse Spencer... Marwood de Whichehalse

Peter Vaughan... Sir Ensor Doone

Neil Finnigan... Jack Ridd

Jack Baverstock... Young John Ridd

Trevor Cooper... John Fry

Ruth Sheen... Betty Muxworthy

Katie Pitts-Drake... Young Lorna Doone

Oliver Chris... Charley Doone

Honeysuckle Weeks... Annie Ridd

Joanne Froggatt... Lizzie Ridd

Rebecca Callard... Ruth Huckaback

Helen Coker... Gwenny Fairfax

James McAvoy... Sergeant Bloxham

Trevor Peacock... Parson Bowden

Pip Torrens... Colonel Kirke

Robert Addie... King James II

Original Music: John Lunn

Cinematography: Chris Seager

Film Editing: Guy Bensley

Casting: Julia Duff

Production Design: Sophie Becher

Costume Design: Nic Ede