My Lady Lorna



These character summaries are all compiled by myself and contain in-depth glances into the outwardly appearance of the individual, as well as personality and trademarks. If you have not yet seen Lorna Doone, it is suggested that you skip over this section of My Lady Lorna for now, as it does contain spoilers. I am looking for help, so please... if you have a summary for someone I've not yet covered, do let me know!


Lorna Doone John Ridd Carver Doone Sarah Ridd Lizzie Ridd Annie Ridd Sir Ensor Doone Counselor Doone


Lorna Doone, John Ridd, Carver Doone, Sarah Ridd, Lizzie Ridd, Annie Ridd, Sir Ensor Doone, Counselor Doone, Tom Faggus, Judge Jeffries, Jeremy Stickles, Ruth Huckaback, Rueben Huckaback, Baron Whitchehalse, Marwood Whichehalse