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The character links are mainly collections of quotes submitted by my friends in the Lorna Doone Discussion Group. The transcripts I elaborated on, working them into a storybook form to make for more pleasurable reading. Many thanks to all who went through the absolute torture of watching scenes more than once. If you have a submission or suggestion for a scene you would like to see here, please contact me.



Complete Transcripts: Character Quotes: Un-Transcribed Scenes:

Stranger in the Mist

Heir to the Realm

Carver's Future Wife

A Forced Alliance


A Vow of Revenge

In Love & War

Carver's Miscalculation

John Ridd

Lorna Doone

Carver Doone

John & Annie

Counselor Doone

Carver & Counselor

Ridd Miscellaneous


A Family Disarrangement

Summons from the King

Before the Judge

The Ties That Bind

Of Love & Obligations

In the Hot Seat

Broken Hearts

A Bad Joke


Now you can read the entire script courtesy of Emma. Click here to read it.